Student Services

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Guidance and Academic Services
Guidance Counselor: Maureen Salisbury(Windsor) and Jeff Gahn (York)
New Student Enrollment, Scheduling, Special Education Information, Middle School Placement, High School Placement.

Chapter 104: James Siegel

Instructional Support Specialist: Catherine Anderson

Speech Therapist: Jane Mack

Health Services

School Nurse: Lynn Holaday
Emergency Care, Individual Health Plans, Medication Management, Review Immunizations, Screening for Vision and Scoliosis.

Student Health Center at King: (City of Portland and Maine Medical Center)
Medical, Dental, and Mental Health Services.
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Social Work Services

Social Worker: Theresa Puckett
Casework, Counseling, and Referral Services to Meet Students' Social and Emotional Needs.

Other Services

Psychological Examiner: Douglas Schnackel


Student Support Team
Guidance Services
- Maureen Salisbury(Windsor)
- Jeff Gahn (York)
Chapter 104
- James Siegel
Instructional Support Specialist
- Catherine Anderson
Health Services
- Lynn Holaday
Social Work Services
- Theresa Puckett
Psychological Services
- Douglas Schnackel
Speech Therapist
- Jane Mack
Health Forms
King Middle School Forms
Information Release Form
Immunization Exemptions
Immunization Requirements
Medication Adminstering
Tylenol Consent
Student Health Center